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Spring 2019 Shoe Guide

Spring is right around the corner (March 20th for those who haven’t googled it yet), and I don’t know about you BUT I love (as in really, really, really love) getting shoes for the season. This spicy gringa is always balling on a budget because my wallet rarely loves what I love so what I

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Shoes Perfect for Pregnancy!

Shoes are actually my obsession of all time & pregnancy has brought me a WHOLE NEW OUTLOOK ON THEM. Lately my feet have been swollen, hurting like hell by the end of the day and even grew a bit. Well, they actually don’t “grow”; the ligaments loosen and allow for the bones to spread out…

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Shoes for Girls On-The-Go

Let’s talk shoes that are both cute and comfortable to wear for errands. My schedule stays super busy, so on the days that I don’t have to work I tend to cram in all of my errands. We’re talkin’ light yard work, H-E-B runs, vet appointments, car repairs… the list could literally go on forever.

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