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BABY How Far Along? 39 weeks… i.e. ready for her to be here… LIKE NOW! Name & Gender? A sweet little girl named Emmett June Kaase Effacement/Dilated? No new news here! The last time my doctor checked, which was two days ago, he said that I was still just about a centimeter dilated and didn’t even

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BABY How Far Along? 36 weeks! Gender? A SWEET LITTLE GIRL!!!! (if ya haven’t heard already) Name? Emmett June Kaase Nicknames? Emmy, EJ, Junebug, Em, Emmett June Effacement/Dilated? Yesterday I saw my doctor and found out that Emmett is very much head-down, I am 50% effaced and about 1 centimeter dilated. She could pretty much

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Scroll down to find out where YOU can buy this amazing baby memory book! BABY How Far Along? 33 weeks! This is especially mind blowing to me because in just 4 short weeks, she could come any day. Ah! I can’t believe that our little one could be here so soon!!! Gender? A SWEET LITTLE

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