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Labor Day Weekend + Packing List

Hi y’all! This long weekend was MUCH needed and was spent with family. Every year, Bryan and I take a trip down south for white wing opening weekend and it’s always one hell of a party with plenty of hunting, drinks, food, sun, pic-a-dillys and pool time to go around. This year was a bit different because we have

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Fall Vibes: Browns, Mustard and Rusty Orange

Hi! Lately, this Texas summer heat has got me beat, and I am personally freakin’ ready for fall. I mean August is just HOT – my grass is dead, I sweat all of my makeup off every time I step outside, deoderant is kept ON DECK, my car stays hot and I’m inside all day because I don’t want to

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Shoes for Girls On-The-Go

Let’s talk shoes that are both cute and comfortable to wear for errands. My schedule stays super busy, so on the days that I don’t have to work I tend to cram in all of my errands. We’re talkin’ light yard work, H-E-B runs, vet appointments, car repairs… the list could literally go on forever.

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