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The Only Time I Decorate with Orange + 4 Ways I Change Seasons 🧡

Hi, y’all! Fall is quite literally around the corner (first day of Fall is Monday!) and the Kaases finally got on board with adding some orange to the house. I’m sorry, but it’s just not a color I decorate with so fall is it’s time to SHINE. Changing seasons is fun to do, but I

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Emmett’s Nursery

I’m sure that you are all tired of me being pregnant and let me just tell you that I am officially tired of it too! Of course I love the baby kicks and pregnancy bonding with my sweet baby girl, but I am so ready to bend over, lay on my stomach, pick things up,

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It’s Officially Fall at The Kaases’ House!

HEEEEEY, Y’ALL! Is anybody else super thankful that fall is here?! In Houston it’s never cold, but it did conveniently cool down recently and it is SO WELCOME! I made a trip to my favorite stores for some bargain shopping on fall decor, and I. AM. IN. LOVE! Typically I don’t gravitate to orange, but

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