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Week of Outfits + 6 Months of Marriage (WHAT?!)

PRAISE JESUS! Bry and I have officially made it through six months of marriage.  I feel like we learn new things about each other every day and are always finding new ways (& challenges!) to lay ourselves down for one another, love each other’s flaws and cultivate a relationship worth a lifetime. It’s so strange

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Lesson On Thankfulness

Hey, y’all. The last couple weeks have been insane and, honestly, I am so happy (& thankful) to be back in Texas with my husband and 2 sweet pups. If you follow me on insta, then you may know that my Grandpa passed a couple weeks ago and that I spent all last week in

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A Prayer for Hard(er than usual) Times

Thank you, God, for the life you have given me. You have blessed me immensely with supportive friends and family that constantly surround me. I am nowhere near perfect and look to you, Lord, for guidance. You have gifted me with the ability to share Christianity through not only my words, but through my treatment

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