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HA! All of those pictures above are major throwbacks (umm, hello… BANGS) and I just love them all so much. Hi, y’all! Today, Bryan and I are bringing something fun to you – over 50 dates to do in Houston and the surrounding area! We started dating while we were both in college and working

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What We Learned Traveling with an Infant

  Bryan and I just got back from Canada and let me tell you, traveling with an infant is a whole different ballgame. I did my research and asked for advice from people beforehand, but still found myself learning all kinds of things throughout the vacation. Here are some of things that I now know

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4-Day Babymoon Itinerary for Nashville!

This past weekend Bryan and I visited Nashville (or as we like to call it – the City of Patagonia and Hipster Hats) for our babymoon. If you’re unsure what a babymoon is, let me rest assured that it is NOT a vacation for us to make a baby… that deed is already done. No,

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