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Spring 2019 Beauty Essentials

Spring is by far my favorite season – I’ve gotten married in the spring, I’m about to have a baby in the spring, the weather is finally bearable and crawfish are at nearly every bar. Changes to weather and skincare come with the season for me. Although I know sun protection should always be a

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A TMI Recap of My Self-Waxing Experience & Tips for Other First-Timers

Why Do I do The Things I Do? Wow, y’all – sometimes I wonder why the heck I do the things I do. My most recent adventure (torture is a better word probably?) was self-waxing. One thing to know about me is that if there’s a way to save pennies, then I’m taking that way.

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Bronzed & Shinin’ – My Go-To Highlighter and Bronzer

It’s Friday, and for once in my life I feel like a normal human being because I’m off for the weekeeeend! Shout out to all my retail people out there socializin’, hustlin’ and somehow stayin’ fit on a retail schedule. And if you don’t work in retail, but have friends that do, show them a little

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