La Spicy Gringa

La Spicy Gringa is a lifestyle blog that focuses on inspiring fashion amongst women with the busiest of schedules and curating an empowered community that strives for a balanced lifestyle of hustle, connection and joy.

Meet Skye-Lynn Kaase, Editor of La Spicy Gringa

Firstly, thanks so much for visiting La Spicy Gringa! I’m glad you’re here and even happier that you cared enough to find out more.

Now that the life of the party is here (YOU!), let’s get to know each other. Here are some things to know in case you’re ever at a trivia about me (in my dreams, right?!):

  • “Skye-Lynn” is my full first name, feel free to call me Skye though
  • My amazing husband and I got married April 14th of 2018
  • Our beautiful baby girl named Emmett June was born in 2019
  • Jesus is my savior
  • #TeamDogs – sorry cat lovers, you aren’t welcome here (just kidding you’re definitely welcome & I’m sorry ahead of time for the billion dog pics)
  • On that note, I have two pups that I adore
  • I’m Canadian – that’s right, this southern charm was learned, not bred 😉
  • … but I’ve been an American citizen since 2016. Cheers to all of my fellow naturalized people!
  • Houston, TX baby
  • Fashion mantra: leopard is a neutral and colors never go out of style
  • Coffee is my addiction, and I require a cup (or 3?!) daily
  • I actually have an addiction for collecting coffee mugs
  • Netflix binging is my guilty pleasure
  • I love me a good That ’70s Show and Office binge!
  • Fitness and I have a love-hate relationship
  • Boxing is my fave cardio
  • Beach volleyball is also one of my faves
  • Shania Twain is my favorite singer
  • I’m a UH alumna – GO COOGS!
  • Traveling with Bryan is one of my favorite things
  • I basically grew up in a barn
  • Cleaning is my therapy (catch me sweepin’ my stress away)