🎁GIFT GUIDE: The One for the Man in Your Life

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  1. Air Pods (Bryan uses these every. single. DAY!)
  2. Rubber Ring (Bryan always says that this is waaaay more comfortable than his metal ring.)
  3. Body Pillow Under $20 (A must for our bed!)
  4. Sherpa-Lined Robe
  5. Windbreaker (Great for any guy that loves being outdoors.)
  6. Personalized Toiletry Bag (This will help keep your bathroom counters clean and his things organized.)
  7. Charging Station (We used this for the past few months to keep all of Bry’s gadgets organized.)
  8. Grill Kit
  9. Beer Bottle Opener (I love the personalization piece on this!)
  10. JJ Watt Shoes (Super comfy!)
  11. Personalized Pocket Knife
  12. Bedside Gun Safe
  13. BONUS: Luxury Body Pillow
  14. BONUS: Matching Rubber Ring for YOU
  15. BONUS: Oakley Joggers
  16. BONUS: Catan (A favorite for the guys in our family!)
  17. BONUS: Leather Charger Roll Up
  18. BONUS: Headband (Bryan loves these for when he’s working on projects)
  19. BONUS: Bluetooth Speaker (We’ve had this one for about 2 years and it’s the BEST!)
  20. BONUS: Extra Long Charger

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