🎁GIFT GUIDE: The One That Travels🚀

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Gift Guide for Travelers

  1. Leopard Print Umbrella
  2. Jetlagged Eye Mask
  3. Makeup Case (on prime!)
  4. Bookmarks (because a cute bookmark is always a great gift!)
  5. Comfy Nike Shoes (for all of the walking your traveler friend does!)
  6. Extra Long Phone Charger (saves my life every day)
  7. Packing Cubes (a great gift for travelers… or anyone for that matter!)
  8. Travel Pillow
  9. Stylish Air Pod Charger
  10. Spanx Leggings (these are the most comfortable leggings and they’re also super stylish!)
  11. Color-Blocked Carry-On Luggage (we have this brand and love it!)
  12. Leopard Print Passport Case
  13. BONUS: Another Extra Long Phone Charger Option
  14. BONUS: Another Packing Cube Option
  15. BONUS: The Matching Leopard Print Luggage Tags



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