🎁GIFT GUIDE: The One That Needs Baby Stuff

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  1. Activity Center
  2. Our Favorite Diaper Bag
  3. Diaper Pail (completely hides the nasty scents!)
  4. Bumbo (great for putting the baby in while you cook, clean or work!)
  5. Hatch Sound Machine (SO GOOD! It gets loud, we can control it from our phone, it has lots of sounds to choose from and the light get be dimmed)
  6. DockATot (I didn’t leave the room without this during Emmett’s first 2 months!)
  7. First Aid Kit (very necessary)
  8. Shusher (magical for putting babies to sleep!)
  9. Milestone Mat (I use this for her monthly pics)
  10. Outdoor Swing (we’ve recently started using this and it has saved me from Emmett’s meltdowns more than once)
  11. Baby Swing 
  12. High Chair (super easy to clean and the perfect height for tables!)
  13. Baby Book (not pictured but definitely a must-have)


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