🎁GIFT GUIDE: The One that Can’t Stay Away from Animal Print

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The One That Can’t Stay Away from Animal Print.png

  1. Leopard Phone Case (under $30!)
  2. Leopard Spanx Leggings
  3. Leopard Wedge Sneakers (my “IT” shoes for fall!)
  4. Snuggley Leopard Blanket
  5. Tortoise Clip (I don’t leave the house without it!)
  6. Tortoise Sunglasses ($15 off with LAPSPICYGRINGA15)
  7. Tortoise Portable Phone Charger
  8. Amazon Prime Pink Leopard Dress
  9. Leopard Heels (under $35!)
  10. Leopard Bangles
  11. Leopard PopSocket (great for propping up your phone and under $10!)
  12. Leopard and Black Hoodie

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