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Before my tan / Day 1 of my tan / Day 2 of my tan

Hi, y’all! With the 4th of July happening last weekend, I have been self-tanning like my life depends on it. My previous self-tanner was expired (yes, they DO expire so check the back of your container!) so I picked up some Loving Tan from Ulta last week.

I’ve applied it twice now and love it! The color gives me an olive tan and doesn’t turn me an awful orange that I try to avoid at all costs. It’s easy to blend with my self-tanning mit and dries pretty quickly. Although it does have that self tanner smell for about a day or so, the smell is better than previous self tanners I’ve used and by day two the smell was gone.

It’s definitely a self-tanner that can be messed up easily, but as long as you follow my tips below, you should be in the clear.

  • Put lotion on your elbows, knees and feet before applying. This helps keep them from turning super dark.
  • Apply self-tanner to your hands and then WASH your hands after! This prevents them from turning too dark.
  • Avoid the palms, heels and bottoms of the feet.
  • Use a mit (CLICK HERE FOR MINE)! They’re cheap enough and make applying self tanner so much easier. Confession – I actually used to use saran wrap because I was desperate not to get orange palms. Don’t be me and get a mit, people!
  • Apply the mouse in circles to avoid streaks.
  • Wear a loose pajama to bed when you’re sleeping with self tanner on. I never wear things that are tight in order to avoid rubbing it off.

You can buy the Loving Tan self-tanner here and my mit here

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