2019 Target Swimmies

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Links to Picture Above from Left to Right

Top: High-Waisted Black Bottoms, Nursing Razorback Bra / Red USA One-Piece / Blue Splatter One Piece / Leopard Haltered One-Piece

Bottom: Green Polka-Dot One Piece / Black Zip-Up One Piece / Blue Gingham One Piece / Mauve One Piece

Hi, y’all! Yesterday I bolted and left Bryan at home with a fussy baby to take a self-care trip to Target. Don’t worry, it really wasn’t as selfish as it sounds. He pretty much pushed me out of the house though so I don’t feel too bad about it. Besides alone time, I also desperately need a couple more swimsuits for summertime, especially since I don’t feel like sporting a low-rise bikini right now. I find that Target has the best fit for the best price so they’re always my go-to.

Right now, our Target is a complete disaster because they’re remodeling it to look more like the new ones, but I managed to scurry my way through the disorganized chaos (seriously, the styles, sizes, types and colors were spread out everywhere) to find some decent swimmies for this new mama. Below I have pictures, links and my thoughts for each one I tried on! Good or bad 😉

Blue Gingham One Piece – wearing a large

I LOVE THIS ONE! It’s my all-time favorite out of the bunch and you’ll see me sporting it more than once this summer. The ruched fabric where the gingham begins on the sides is forgiving to one’s figure, the colorblock is flattering, the straps can be tightened as needed and your chest won’t falling out – it’s everything I love in a swimsuit right now!

This suit is TTS.


Blue, Black and White Colorblock Bikini Top & Black and White High-Waisted Bottoms – wearing a large in both

Oooh, this was not a combination that I walked away with. I didn’t walk into Target thinking that I’d walk away with a bikini because, frankly, I feel more confident in one-pieces right now. I picked up these pieces purely out of curiosity. The top is fashionable and I love the colorblock, but it just didn’t hold in the milk-makers enough. The bottoms were cute and had a neat texture to them. If you are looking for something high-waisted that cuts way in for bottoms, try these!

Size up in the top. Bottoms are TTS.



Burgundy Bikini Top & High-Waisted Yellow Bikini Bottoms – wearing a 34DDD and medium, which fit snug

I liked this top simply because it’s a comfortable underwire that held in the girls. The yellow high-waisted bikini bottoms are unique, flattering and offered a fair amount of coverage for this high-waisted style.

Both are TTS.


Nursing Razorback Bra & High-Waisted Black Bottoms – wearing a large in both

Ha, okay I’m sorry about the bra. By the time I realized that I had another pair of bottoms to try on, I had already put back the bikini tops. On that note, this nursing bra is one of my favorites! I highly recommend, especially if you large tatas because it stays put unlike most of the nursing bras I’ve come across out there.

These bottoms are AMAZING. They sucked everything in, had a flattering cut and had ruched sides as a cherry on top. Also, black bottoms are always a good idea.

Both are TTS.


Mauve One-Piece – wearing a large

I really wanted to love this, but just didn’t. One style tip I’ve learned is that if I want to disguise any insecurities in my midsection then patterns are my friends and solids are not 😉

With that being said, the suit itself is feminine and has a lot of great things about it – a trendy tie in the front, adjustable straps, an adjustable band around my chest and coverage. Plus, I love the color!

This suit is TTS.


Leopard One-Piece – wearing a large

So strange, but for some reason this swimsuit is no longer on the Target website. If I figure out what it is, I will tag it!

Here are some similar options:

Similar / Similar / Similar / Similar


Black Zip-Up One-Piece – wearing a large

This swimsuit is a classic and a must-have! I love the design details on this suit – the zipper, faux leather straps and scoop back. The fit sucks me right in and makes me feel extra secure.

This swimsuit is TTS.



Red USA One-Piece – wearing a large

This suit was adorable, a trendy cut and would be perfect for the 4th of July. I personally didn’t walk away with it because… well, side-boobs. It also just didn’t secure the girls the way I want and need right now.

This suit is TTS.


Green Polka-Dot One-Piece – wearing a large

This is such a fun suit for the summer! It’s eye-catching and has the most fun straps on the back. The ruched siding is also a plus and does magic to one’s figure!

Disclaimer: the fit on the suit is TTS, but the straps are not adjustable.


Blue Splatter One-Piece – wearing a large

This is such a fun swimsuit and the print is what makes it great. The fit was perfect and it has adjustable straps, which we all know are the best to have in a top!

This suit is TTS.


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