What We Learned Traveling with an Infant

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Bryan and I just got back from Canada and let me tell you, traveling with an infant is a whole different ballgame. I did my research and asked for advice from people beforehand, but still found myself learning all kinds of things throughout the vacation. Here are some of things that I now know and think might help you out if you’re traveling with an infant soon.


Click this image to shop my baby wrap.
Click this image to shop my baby wrap.
  • If you have a helper (spouse, grandparent, friend, etc.) to travel with, do it! Bryan was with me on the trip and I have no idea how people travel alone with babies. Seriously, he left me for about 5 minutes to get our tickets and you should have seen this sh*t show shuffling her way through the line for checking bags! I had Emmett strapped to me and all the bags around me, which I had to move one at a time every time someone moved up. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.
  • Check your stroller with your other luggage if you don’t have a long layover. On the way to BC, we only had about an hour of a layover in Seattle so we went ahead a checked our stroller and kept Emmett wrapped on me with our Solly wrap. That was a great decision because it saved time not having to put the stroller together or break it down in-between flights.
  • Don’t check your stroller if you have a layover. On the way back from BC, we had a 4 hour layover in Calgary and it was so much easier to scurry around with Emmett in her stroller. Plus, we had time to put it together and break it down as needed and weren’t pressed with time.
  • Try to minimize carry-ons. A baby, Bryan’s backpack, a diaper bag and my purse were more than enough to move through the airport. We technically could’ve saved $30 and brought a carry-on suitcase on the plane, but we bit the bullet and spent the extra money in exchange for an extra hand.
  • Pack 2 or even 3 extra outfits for the baby. Ha! I only packed one extra and lucked out. On our first plan ride we had a little situation in the bathroom and ended up having to use that extra outfit. We could’ve very easily had a situation that ended up with me carrying a naked baby through the airport…
  • On that note, bring a FULL PACK of wipes. I dang near had to bathe Emmett on the plane with wipes and almost ran out during our travel day because I brought a used pack. Prepare for the worst and pack a full pack… maybe even two 😉
  • Nurse on demand. I kept trying to nurse Emmett during takeoff and landing to keep her ears from popping and ended up upsetting her once because she wanted milk immediately and was not in the mood to wait. Well, we all know that babies are even harder to console once they’re worked up so that was a big mistake on my part. If you can’t nurse during takeoff and landing, just give her a pacifier! I messed up the timing every single time and she was just fine.
  • Buy diapers at your destination. Don’t waste precious space in your suitcase dedicated to her tons of diapers! I bet that wherever you’re going, there will be diapers available to buy somewhere.
  • Keep schedules as normal as possible. We went through a time change so I kept that in mind while we were on vacation and tried to keep things on schedule as normal. That means I nursed her every 3-4 hours, nursed her at night as usual and had patience during her “witching hours” even though the time of day was a bit thrown off.
  • You’re on vacation so hand off the baby when you can. This was pretty easy for me since I was around family that wanted to hold her. It’s nice having more breaks than normal throughout the day and helps recharge the parents!
  • Lastly, be ready to laugh at yourself. As you can see, we had to figure a few things out as we went and I think that the only thing that kept me sane was laughing at myself. Bryan and I are well aware that we are new to all of this and can’t control everything but we decided early on that we can definitely control our attitudes and perspective through it all.


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