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Hi, y’all! I’m still reeling from our trip to Canada and have been doing laundry all day, but another thing I’m doing is soaking up my baby girl because she is growing up before my eyes. Today she’s officially two months old! Two months probably sounds like nothing to most people, but it’s a lot to this mama. I spent a whole 40 weeks growing her, worrying about her and loving her and yet within a mere two months I already feel like we’ve known each other for years. It’s like we were matched together ages ago and now that we are finally together, time just won’t slow down. Here’s what our two months together has been like…



Emmett has been amazing overall! Her first month or so was a guessing game with what she wanted, when she wanted it and how long she wanted it. One thing that was consistent though was her lack of happiness during the necessary things – baths were like hell to deal with, diaper changes came with tears and outfit changes upset her. Outside of those, she was basically eating or sleeping happily.

Now it’s a bit different though because these things generally don’t bother her. It took a while, but baths in particular are a lot better! She actually had a great one today and only whimpered getting into the tub, but after a minute or so she was happy as could be. These things seem to help us out during bath-time:

  • Placing a wet cloth on her belly and pouring warm water on it periodically. I think that Emmett likes feeling like she’s covered and that it helps keep cool air off her.
  • Getting in the bath S L O W L Y. I finally figured out that submerging her all at once was NOT a good idea.
  • Pouring water over her scalp helps soothe her sometimes!

During her diaper changes, she just looks around at everything. One thing that I think saved us during those is a wipe warmer (thanks, Mindy!). It’s totally not necessary BUT wouldn’t you rather have a warm wipe on your bum than a cold one?

Emmett is also becoming so much more aware! She’s out of that newborn fog and looks around, smiles at people, sucks on her hand (yes, her entire hand and not just her thumb) knows when mama is holding her 😉  and even stays entertained for fifteen minutes or so on her play mat. I read somewhere that it’s important for babies to have “downtime” to observe and learn about everything around them so when Emmett is in a good mood, I’ll set her in her Graco rocker (available at Target!) or on her play mat to just play and look around. She loves it!



She’s doing pretty dang awesome. Sleep was never an expectation of mine because I have always heard that newborns, babies and toddlers don’t sleep. That’s true sometimes and it’s different with every kid, but Emmett has been pretty great in this regard. Right now, she takes her naps throughout the day, goes down to bed around 10 pm or so, sleeps until about 3 or 4 am, feeds, goes back down to sleep until about 6 or 7 am, feeds and takes a nap until about 9 am when we do our morning playtime. I really can’t complain!



Oooooh, breastfeeding. It’s been awesome for the most part! My first week or two was spent lathering lanolin oil on my nips because they were so raw and sore, but once we got past that, we were golden. I don’t really pump because I honestly hate doing it – it’s such a task when I’m with her all day and can just feed her. I don’t leave her often, but when I do Bry just gives her a bit of formula or some frozen breastmilk if I happened to pump that week. Like I said, pumping doesn’t happen often and I’m strong believer in #FedIsBest 🙂


If I had to pick a top choice RIGHT NOW, it would have to be our Graco rocker. She’s in it as I’m typing this and it’s so nice to have for those times when I need my hands free. Plus, she loves it! Some other items include:

  • Emmett’s Magic Merlin Sleepsuit! She loves this and has been going down so much easier with it. It’s like as soon as we slip it on her, she just knows to go night-night.
  • The baby Shusher. This is another thing that has helped us with bedtime. I only play it for naps or bedtime so that Emmett can relate sleeping with the shusher. 

  • Our stroller. We have an Evenflo stroller and so far it’s been pretty great. Granted, it’s theonly one I’ve tried, but I haven’t had issues with it. It has a great turning radius. It isn’t too heavy for me. It’s easy to breakdown once you learn. It’s also pretty smooth. We’ve used ours on walks, in the airport, at shopping centers and around Canada. LA SPICY GRINGA
  • Pacis. I held off on using these for about two weeks after Emmett was born to establish a good latch but since I’ve given one to her, they’ve been game changers. LA SPICY GRINGA
  • My Solly wrap. This has been an awesome thing to have on-hand when we are out and about or traveling. Emmett generally calms right down when she’s on someone so it’s especially nice to have when she’s fussy and I still need my hands. LA SPICY GRINGA
  • Her play mat. I leave her on this while I shower to keep her entertained and help with development. She’s been loving this one because she can look at the bright colors and the keyboard makes noises when she kicks her little feet. afterlightimage-5
  • Netflix 😉


Mama is feeling good overall! Physically, I’ve been on that hike to weight loss that most moms go through. I lost half of the baby weight pretty quickly, but that last half is just loving me a bit too much. I’m not super stressed about losing it but I am trying to get back to living a healthy lifestyle while balancing taking care of Em, working out and eating well. None of that is easy to just jump back into so I’m doing it gradually. For example, I worked out before our trip and had everything written out before getting started, right? Well, once I hit the pavement for my warmup jog, I quickly figured out that my body was not what it used to be and couldn’t just jump into a workout. Seriously! My knees immediately hurt while I was jogging – probably because there wasn’t as much muscle to support them and I’m also just out of shape. So, for the rest of the workout I just made sure to listen to my body and edit my reps/exercises along the way. I typed what I did so that I can keep up with my progress as I workout more. Stay tuned!

Emotionally, I have mostly good days but I would be lying if bad days didn’t come along with the good ones. If I feel myself having a tough day where I’m impatient, stressed or sad, I try to do things that make me feel productive because that is when I feel my best. That means I will generally throw myself into a to-do list – that can include getting groceries, doing laundry with the music cranked up, cleaning, doing the dishes or even getting the mail. For me personally, I can’t sit on the couch during my bad days because I wind up feeling a bit… well, worthless even though it totally isn’t the case.

If you’re curious about anything that I missed, please, please, please send me a DM on Instagram or comment below!


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