Newborn Photos by Aimee Hamilton Photography

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Hi! Our newborn photos from Aimee Hamilton Photography came back not too long ago and I am blown away! I’m not just in awe by how beautiful our sweet baby is in every photo (& I mean EVERY PHOTO), but also by everything about our experience with Aimee.

For whatever reason I turn into the most awkward person when taking photos with Bry, but Aimee has this way of making everything natural and was able to make me feel like I was just hanging out with my girlfriend and husband. She directed every pose in a way that truly made our best selves shine through the photos and that is the magic of her photography. After all, isn’t that the ultimate goal of family photos to capture the memories so that they can be cherished forever?

My Experience with Aimee

Booking with Aimee was one of the easiest things I have ever done. When I found Aimee on Instagram, I was about 20 weeks pregnant and knew that I needed to book a maternity shoot ASAP. After reaching out via email, Aimee responded literally the same day… actually, within two hours. I know that everyone has their own personal lives and running a business is a TON of work so I didn’t expect a response for at least a day and the fact that I got one so quickly went a long way. Her email included a detailed PDF that broke down prices, collections, her shooting style and what comes with her shoots. I showed Bryan her work and we booked her within a week.

After putting down the deposit, everything that followed went by fairly quickly. I was balancing work, baby showers and baby prep so Aimee’s consistent follow-ups were great because they helped keep this busy mama-to-be on track. We got the maternity shoot on the calendar and done. Then once my induction was scheduled, I let Aimee know that date and she sent me over some options for our newborn shoot. We went to shoot in the Woodlands and two weeks later we had our sweet pictures that I will cherish forever and ever. Voilà!

Aimee, thank you so much for everything. We could not be more in love with our photos!

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