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How Far Along? 39 weeks… i.e. ready for her to be here… LIKE NOW!

Name & Gender? A sweet little girl named Emmett June Kaase

Effacement/Dilated? No new news here! The last time my doctor checked, which was two days ago, he said that I was still just about a centimeter dilated and didn’t even comment on my effacement so I’m taking that as a sign of no further progress.

How Often Are the Doctor Visits? Every week, but I just had my last one. Now we are just waiting for her!

Size Predictions? My guess for her is 7.5 pounds! The doctor predicted 8.5 pounds at 40 weeks.

Movement? She is constantly on my right side and still moving multiple times a day!


Body Changes? No big changes here – just that my belly is officially being lugged around. I have stretch marks on my boobs, but none on my belly (hopefully it stays that way!).

Emotions? Oh wow, I am experiencing all of the emotions. I cry anytime I see a birth scene on tv. I overthink things in an obsessive way. My latest meltdown had to do with whether or not to induce at 39 weeks (I think that I am going to do a full post on my struggle with that soon!)

Total Weight Gain? 53 pounds

Pregnancy Must Haves? These days I need my afternoon naps and fully take advantage of the fact that I’m able to take them.

Cravings? Girl scout cookies were the craving of the week. Samoas have my heart forever and always. Kiwi have also been on the shopping list!


Fitness? I’m walking a lot more in hopes to “walk her out” *cue UNK song*

Current Reads? I’m finishing up Girl, Wash Your Face and just got a couple more books from the library! I also refer to What to Expect, The First Year for learning more about… well, what to expect when Emmett is here.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully I’ll be introducing Emmett to y’all soon enough 🙂

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