Spring 2019 Shoe Guide

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Spring is right around the corner (March 20th for those who haven’t googled it yet), and I don’t know about you BUT I love (as in really, really, really love) getting shoes for the season. This spicy gringa is always balling on a budget because my wallet rarely loves what I love so what I purchase from season-to-season usually depends on the needs of my closet and what I plan on doing in the next month or two. This year, for example, I’ll probably buy more casual shoes seeing as how I’ll have a newborn and don’t plan to be busy bee all over Houston. You, however, may need more shoes for wine nights so I put together a shoe guide with sneakers, casual sandals, wedges and dressy sandals! Scroll down, take a peek and even shop a bit. The links below correlate with the guide pictured.

As always, have a wonderful day and happy shopping!

PS – we are still waiting on Emmett to get here. I am super uncomfortable most of the day, but have made peace with the fact that she will get here whenever she (and He!) is ready.



LEFT $50 | CENTER $48 | RIGHT $79


LEFT $40 | CENTER $85 | RIGHT $70


LEFT $99 | CENTER $85 | RIGHT $98


LEFT $150 | CENTER $45 | RIGHT $70

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