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How Far Along? 36 weeks!

Gender? A SWEET LITTLE GIRL!!!! (if ya haven’t heard already)

Name? Emmett June Kaase

Nicknames? Emmy, EJ, Junebug, Em, Emmett June

Effacement/Dilated? Yesterday I saw my doctor and found out that Emmett is very much head-down, I am 50% effaced and about 1 centimeter dilated. She could pretty much come any day or take a couple more weeks so until I feel those contractions, it’s business as usual.

Size? Bryan and I went to an ultrasound February 16th and got to see her! She’s snug as a bug in my belly and about 6 pounds and 4 ounces according to their predictions. Our doctor is thinking that she will be about 8 and a half pounds if we make it to 40 weeks.

Movement? Things are extremely snug for Emmett so I wouldn’t say that I notice her little kicks as much throughout the day however when she does get active I feel her like crazy. She stays on the right side of my belly a majority of the time and sometimes I can see her foot or lil’ booty poking out. I am going to miss those moments so much!


Body Changes? Mmmm, all of the body changes. There has been so much going on in that department! Baby E has official dropped so my pelvis is always super achey and I am constantly trying to stretch out my groin. I also can’t go more than 20 minutes without a trip to the washroom. I don’t move fast – at all. My abs are nonexistent so I am repeatedly using my elbows to hoist myself up. The snail trail is in full effect (if you know, you know) and my feet stay swollen or sore. My belly is always growing, which I am always in awe of, and I don’t have stretch marks (yet?).

Emotions? Surprisingly, I haven’t been on a rollercoaster of emotional meltdowns. Maybe it’s because (mostly) everybody is nice to the 8-month pregnant lady, though?

Pregnancy Must Haves? A damn margarita. I am just kidding. Hmm, relaxing baths and time are key things for 36-week pregnant woman. The last couple weeks I have been on a mission to set everything up and get the house where I want for all of visitors we are about to have so, of course, time is necessary. I am in the middle of a 5-day break from work and have been able to organize most of her room, bond with Emmett a bit more and mentally prepare myself for big day. Relaxing baths are very needed after long days of baby-prep.

Diet? Nothing special here. Lately, I have been eating lots of soup, rice, fruit and whatever food Bry grabs for me. This is mostly out of convenience.

Cravings? Still raspberries and lime popsicles!

Fitness? I still work and with that comes about 26 miles of walking per day. Well, it’s not quite that much but it sure feels like it on some days! Other than that and some bedroom shenanigans, there isn’t a lot of fitness going on for me.


Nursery? Whew! I am almost done with it and can’t wait to officially show it off to y’all!

Registry? This has been long done but I recently did a post on my top items, which you can find here.

Baby Shower? We have officially wrapped on all baby showers! They were all so fun and we are especially thankful for everyone that celebrated Emmett with us.

Maternity Pictures? I booked Aimee Hamilton a while ago and just got our maternity pictures back! Y’all, I AM IN LOVE!! She was amazing and made us feel so comfortable while shooting. These pictures make me even more excited about meeting our sweet little girl and capturing all of the memories with her.

Send me comments or a DM on Instagram if you have any mommy must-haves, comments or tips!

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