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Scroll down to find out where YOU can buy this amazing baby memory book!


How Far Along? 33 weeks! This is especially mind blowing to me because in just 4 short weeks, she could come any day. Ah! I can’t believe that our little one could be here so soon!!!

Gender? A SWEET LITTLE GIRL!!!! (if ya haven’t heard already)

Name? Emmett June Kaase

Nicknames? Emmy, EJ, Junebug, Em, Emmett June (I think that I want to call her this)

Size? She’s about the size of a pineapple and just over 4 pounds according to one of my baby apps! Which is insane to think about.

Movement? Oh my gosh – I feel like she moves all the freaking time. On the other hand, any time someone wants to feel her, she stays still -_- I’ve definitely noticed a difference in her size because I can feel (& see!) when she on one side of my belly, but then I sometimes feel a kick way on the other side of my belly in Timbuktu.


Body Changes? The swollen feet are still a struggle. I wore snug sneakers to work the other day after a friend suggested keeping them compressed and it made the world of difference. I still had swelling in my ankles, but when I took my shoes off at home I actually had normal feet… as in they had bones and veins. My pelvis has much more pressure these days. Every time I get up I feel like everything in my torso falls onto my pelvic area, which makes me move at the speed of a turtle and waddle of a penguin. My husband also thinks that my belly has dropped a little, but I don’t think that’s true. I also need her to bake for a few more weeks at least!

Emotions? I have way less energy. Sometimes I even feel as fatigued as I did during my first trimester, which ain’t fun.

Pregnancy Must Haves? I haven’t gotten a lot of fun new things since my last bumpdate, but I did get an amazing gift from Cuddly Cubs. They were kind enough to send me a memory book for Emmett’s first year, which you can check out by clicking here. It has a space for every memory that you could think of and plenty of room for photos, sonogram photos, invites and memories. I am loving it so far and super excited to write in it as Emmett grows!





Diet? I eat a combination of Raisin Bran+Shredded Wheat cereal with almond milk, pb&j sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, brussel sprouts, lime popsicles, grapefruit (which are supposedly really good for swollen feet), raspberries, rice, hamburger meat… as you can see it’s a very random diet.

Cravings? Still raspberries and lime popsicles!

Fitness? I walk and stand on my feet for work A LOT. Lately I have been feeling the need to stretch a ton thanks to my pelvis preparing for the big day.


Nursery? This has been filling up quickly since the baby showers. We currently have all of the diapers in her crib and the gifts split into piles until we get her dresser and more storage containers for the closet.

Registry? This is done! You can see what I added here.

Baby Shower? I am officially 2 baby showers down with one more to go. Whew! These have been incredibly fun, but also exhausting. I wouldn’t change it for the world though! It’s been so great catching up with people I haven’t seen in years, celebrating baby Em and (best of all) building everything with my husband. Figuring out which washer to use with the right nut have been some of the best memories with my Bry.

Maternity Pictures? I booked Aimee Hamilton a while ago. We had to reschedule thanks to the American holiday of Super Bowl Sunday, so I’ll be taking these when I’m 35 weeks instead!

Send me comments or a DM on Instagram if you have any mommy must-haves, comments or tips!


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