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I am super late to this party! I was going to do an 18-week bumpdate, BUT school just started again and for whatever reason I can’t seem to get my life together this week. Bryan and I are headed to Nashville next week (POP THE FREAKIN’ SPARKLIN’ WATER!!!) and I am more than ready for a break with my husband. Lately we have both been go-go-go and it’s about time for us to pump the brakes and just spend time together. Ya know?!

In the middle of all the craziness lately, we got some exciting news – WE ARE HAVING A GIRL! We confirmed it at our anatomy scan (whew, that was kinda’ exhausting and so long..). Bry and I decided not to do a gender reveal so we found out with the sonographer saying “there’s the hamburger”. HA! The anatomy scan went well and baby is a healthy little pumpkin and about as cute as can be. Here are some more updates!


How Far Along? 19 weeks


Name? Emmett June Kaase

Nicknames? Emmy, EJ, Junebug (coined by my dad!), Em… possibly stinker 😉

Size? About the size of a tomato



Top: Emerson Rose | Jeans: Shop Pink Blush | Shoes: Dillard’s

Body Changes? Oh Lordy. My body is always changing now. I’ve gained about 20 pounds and I’m pretty sure it’s all belly, boobs and bootay. My chest is getting larger by the day it seems (that’s nothing new) and I wear nothing, but bralettes, wireless bras or sports bras. I do see some possible stretch marks, which I’m sure that I would have regardless of implants. I’m beginning to get that dark line that pregnant women get and based on Google (my doctor loves that sentence… just kidding, he hates it – I highly recommend NOT mentioning Google searches in a doctor appointment LOL), the line is perfectly normal and typically shows up in the fifth month of pregnancy. Other than that, I haven’t noticed too many changes!

Emotions? Thank God for the second trimester. I still have my moments (who doesn’t?!), but my mood swings have definitely calmed down. I do have to admit that I dang near had a meltdown the other day because the dogs got mud on the comforter the day after I washed it…

Pregnancy Must Haves? A comfortable bra and clothes are a must. I try not to go crazy, but I have bought some clothes for my new body. I’m just the kind of person that feels better if I love what I’m wearing. Here’s a little list of the basics that I bought to build my wardrobe back up a bit:

  • SPANX faux leggings two sizes bigger than normal so they can stretch with me (I probably should’ve just gotten maternity ones, but that’s what impulsive buying does for ya). I got mine from Emerson Rose!
  • 2 BumpStart tanks  in black and white
  • 2 BumpStart long sleeve tops in black and grey
  • Longer, tight dresses that have some stretch – Motherhood Maternity usually has some on sale at good prices!

Diet? My breakfast these days consists of a glass of apple juice, a bagel with peanut butter and raspberry jelly, a cup of coffee and usually an apple mid-morning. I’ve been a bit lazy for lunches lately and have just been eating soup, fruit and Belvita biscuits. Dinner depends on if I’m working and what I’m doing.

Cravings? Nothing nuts! I occasionally crave tuna salad with pickles, jalapeno and mustard or sweets. I’ve always been a sucker for some sweets!

Fitness? I could be doing a lot better with this. If I got to the gym I use some free pregnancy workouts that I downloaded from Michelle Marie.


Nursery? Our nursery is currently still a storage area for all of our wedding decor. I find that trying to sell hodge-podge things is hard at times so I may just pack everything up and have a garage sale in the spring with the rest of the community. Suggestions for selling stuff are welcome!!

Registry? I am making our registry on Baby List so that I can add things from different sites. The only other officialy registry we will have is Target, but Baby List has a feature that allows you to link the other registry. This helps keep everything in one place!

Have a great week babes!

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