Week of Outfits + 6 Months of Marriage (WHAT?!)

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PRAISE JESUS! Bry and I have officially made it through six months of marriage.  I feel like we learn new things about each other every day and are always finding new ways (& challenges!) to lay ourselves down for one another, love each other’s flaws and cultivate a relationship worth a lifetime. It’s so strange to think about how different our lives are compared to 6 months ago and how different they’ll be in another 6 months – baby on my hip, diapers in the trash, (hopefully) a mom car, play-mats in the living room and a million other little changes. What the heck?!? THAT IS NUTS TO THINK ABOUT! But isn’t that the greatest thing about life?! We are always growing through changes, trials and triumphs.

Today we decided to try out a kinda‘ new church, Hope City. Before we moved the the burbs we were regulars of Hope City’s main campus where the pastor preaches in-person. Well, then we moved and tried to find something closer, but honestly had trouble finding a church that we felt at home at again. Then the wedding, honeymoon and pregnancy happened and before we knew it, we hadn’t been to church in a hot minute.

Luckily, Hope City has a satellite campus closer to us, so we decided to give it a try and I AM SO GLAD WE DID! The environment’s energy was contagious and it immediately lifted my spirits when I walked in. The worship team was amazing and we got to receive a much needed message for the both of us.

Do not operate in fear. Lead in faith.

We were a bit weirded out at the idea of going to a service that streams the message, but honestly it wasn’t really all that different. If you’re contemplating trying a satellite church, I encourage you to! Of course, if there are donuts and coffee it gets a couple bonus points!

To celebrate 6 months of marriage, we went to Rudy’s BBQ (which was actually what we served at our wedding) and then went to a cutie pumpkin patch with our in-laws and delicious nephew. Needless to say – today was a good day (said with my Ice Cube voice). Happy Sunday, babes!


La Spicy Gringa


La Spicy Gringa

La Spicy Gringa

Dress: Red Dress (similar, similar, similar), Revolve (similar, similar)

Shoes: Vans (exact, similar, similar)

La Spicy Gringa

Dress: Forever 21 (similar, similar), Shein (similar, similar)

Shoes: Steve Madden (exact), DSW (similar), Target (similar), Nordstrom (similar, similar)

Clutch: Francesca’s (similar), DSW (similar), Anthropologie (similar, similar), Nordstrom (similar, similar)



Turtleneck: Zara (similar, similar), Nordstrom (similar)

Dress: Nordstrom (similar, similar)

Shoes: Vans (exact, similar, similar)

La Spicy Gringa



Dress: Pretty Little Thing (similar), Boohoo (similar, similar), Zara (similar), H&M (similar)

Jacket: H&M (exact, similar, similar)

Shoes: Puma (similar)

Sunglasses: Free People 


La Spicy Gringa

Dress: Nordstrom (exact)

Shoes: Nordstrom (exact)

Purse: DSW (similar)


La Spicy Gringa



Dress: Nordstrom (exact, similar, similar)

Jacket: Old Navy (similar), Gap (similar)

OTK Boots: Marc Fisher (exact)

La Spicy Gringa

Jeans: Pink Blush (exact, similar, similar)

Shoes: Steve Madden (exact), DSW (similar), Target (similar), Nordstrom (similar, similar)

La Spicy Gringa Blog

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