BUMPDATE: Surviving My First Trimester

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I can’t believe that my first trimester is done! Tomorrow I’ll be 15 weeks, and I don’t know how ready I am for that. I mean, that’s only 5 weeks away from the halfway point… MEANING HALFWAY TO MEETING OUR SWEET BABY!! It’s so strange in the beginning because yes, I felt all of the effects of pregnancy, but I only have solid proof  that I was pregnant during ultrasounds. In between those sweet visits, I was just going through my regular routine reminding myself that there is a baby growing in me.

There were quite a few changes and feelings that I didn’t expect, and I am by no means an expert, but maybe sharing these will help a future soon-to-be-mama’s sanity! Read on for how I survived my first trimester 🙂

  1. Weight gain happens! Before I was pregnant, I had a fairly healthy diet and worked out a bunch. Welllll, in the early weeks I gained a couple pounds, but I knocked that up to stress weight since I had just been in Canada for my grandpa’s funeral and all I did there was drink (calm down shamers, I didn’t know I was preggo), eat Canadian potato chips (if anyone wants to send me some all-dressed Old Dutch chips, please feel free – I’ll love you forever!) and shoot the bull. When I found out I was pregnant I immediately shaped up and ate better and obviously gave up the good stuff (wine, duh.), but still had weight gain. So, the next best thing for me to do was to go shopping! Flowey tops have been my fave and I try my best to buy things that I could wear after the baby comes. There are however a few things that pregnant women can’t live without. For those items, I’ve been hitting up Pink Blush and THEY ARE THE BEST! This online boutique has maternity jeans, tops, dresses and so much more. Here are some try-on pics for a couple of the jeans that I ordered.1e19a291-32bc-45c8-b682-8932bbbb0316
  2. Working out is great, but keeping stress low is better! I have always been told that you need to try to keep your routine as similar as possible to pre-pregnancy and continue working out. Well, my routine pre-pregnancy involved working out, at least 3 days that went from 8am until 10pm with work and internship, keeping up with school work and sleeping if/when I could. That was not something I could maintain early on – especially with the nausea and energy of a sloth. I took the route of sleeping more and removing workouts for a bit. I work on my feet a lot and have two active puppies, so exercise isn’t completely dead; it just isn’t MY norm. I do intend on getting back into a workout routine now that I am in my second trimester and past the high-risk stage.
  3. On that note, be kind to yourself! I wasn’t very nice to myself for about 2 and a half weeks. I slowly grew out of my favorite skinny jeans and, at that point, I didn’t have a “bump” (I barely have one now, but hey, I’ll take it) so I didn’t feel like I was “glowing” in anything tight. I had to take a step back and say “you’re pregnant, this is a natural thing that happens during pregnancy and it’s a blessing”. Literally. I had to do the same kind of thing when I felt bad about not working out; I would remind myself that lowering stress was great for the baby and that working out could always be picked up. The thing is, if I don’t consciously shove those negative thoughts out of my head, they’ll eat me up and ruin my day so I constantly saying NOT TODAY SATAN – I’m pregnant and embracing that I’m thicker than a snicker!
  4. Check your mood swings! WOW, my sweet husband has had the patience that only God could make. Granted, he isn’t perfect (love you boo!), but he has been so great during this small, but betchy adjustment. I have never had patience and have been what some might call “hot-tempered”, but I quickly discovered that my hormones were on ANOTHER LEVEL during pregnancy and that I had to check them. I definitely needed that extra patience from him while I was figuring myself out, but sometimes I have to consciously remove myself from the situation and realize when I was getting rowled up for no reason. I’m dang sure not an expert on this, but I take it day-by-day and always look for new ways to relax.
  5. Holy boobs! My drawer full of cute, lacey bras is now on a shelf in the corner of my closet because yo’ girl grew busted out of every one of them. I’ve embraced bralettes and bought one nude wireless bra (that’s right, it’s about as sexy as it sounds) so far. I keep reading that I shouldn’t invest too much in bras because they’re going to grow more (Lord, have mercy) and then I’ll also need nursing bras down the line.
  6. Diets change! Pre-pregnancy I was downing coffee like nobody’s business, but in the early weeks coffee made my nausea a million times worse. But if I didn’t have caffeine I got killer headaches (yes, it’s an addiction) so I altered my usual routine and drank tea! This helped a lot, but I always kept Tylenol on me just in case a headache snuck up. I quickly figured out what my body liked and didn’t like. I can’t overdue the gluten because right now it kicks my bloating into high gear and makes me down right miserable. Meat was a no-go for a while (that has, thankfully, passed!). Salads were amazing. Caesar salads were even better, but I had to watch how the dressing was made (no raw eggs for pregnant women).  Tuna salad sandwiches with pickles, jalapeños and mustard were the all-time best!

If you have any tips, tricks or other changes that I should know of, comment below or DM me on Instagram! Happy Tuesday, babes!

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