Thank Y’all + Announcement Pics!

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WOW! I can’t believe all of the love and support that Bryan and I have gotten in the last couple months. If you aren’t on Instagram, then you missed some very important news – WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

All of the emotions have been felt (nausea, over-the-moon butterflies, excitement, fear, anxiety, joy… pretty much everything), and I’m sure there are a million more coming our way. Our baby is due March 20th and we (hopefully) get to find out the sex in about 2 weeks! Needless to say, we are pumped!

We did a home shoot for our announcement pics, and I am so happy we did because we didn’t have to drive anywhere (shout out to Houston traffic), we got to make more memories in our first home, we didn’t have to step outside (shout out to Houston humidity) and Bryan was on the couch within five minutes after the last shot (that was his favorite part). I would highly recommend having a home shoot at some point if you haven’t already!

Thank you to everyone that has sent sweet wishes and congratulations. Thank you to our families for the continuous check-ins, calls and texts. Thank you to everyone at work for being so supportive. Thank you, Bradie, for our fabulous pictures. Most of all, thank you to my husband for facing each change (there are infinite changes going on around here) beside me.

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1 comments on “Thank Y’all + Announcement Pics!”

  1. Can’t imagine your family anymore beautiful…but it will be, 6 more months and the family pic’s will be a whole lot different. Can’t wait to see them❤️❤️ Hope your pregnancy goes amazing Skye💋


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