Labor Day Weekend + Packing List

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Hi y’all! This long weekend was MUCH needed and was spent with family. Every year, Bryan and I take a trip down south for white wing opening weekend and it’s always one hell of a party with plenty of hunting, drinks, food, sun, pic-a-dillys and pool time to go around.

This year was a bit different because we have two pups now, and we weren’t sure how our little Sandy would do with so much freedom and all of the guns going off. Well, thankfully, she did amaaaazing! We were so impressed by her – she stayed around us, swam in the pool like a pro and was unbothered by the hunting. She even picked up a dove so hopefully we have a little retriever on our hands! Our little Grayson is always by our side and hardly ever gives us problems honestly.

Before the trip, I was hit with that same ol’ question – WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I PACK?! I’m the world’s worst packer ( I always pack way too much, end up with a zillion bags, can’t close the luggage – y’all know what I’m talking about), but I’m trying so hard to get better. I put together a long weekend pack list! Hopefully I’ll look back at this next year to avoid some anxiety and a packing meltdown. Actually, that’ll probably still happen regardless…

I hope that y’all enjoy the pieces and some of our pics!

La Spicy Gringa Blog

1. Madewell Whisper White Tee

2. Rip Curl Denim Shorts

3. Target American Flag Swimmie 

4. BP Tank

5. Madewell Denim Shorts

6. Bound by Bond-Eye Two-Piece Bikini

7. Target NASA Tee

8. Lululemon Olive Leggings

9. Stoney LaRue Tee

10. Hotty Hot Short 4″

La Spicy Gringa Blog





I have no idea what we will do when we have kids because right now our little fur babies take up the whole backseat.


La Spicy Gringa Blog

La Spicy Gringa Blog

If you have never tried a pic-a-dilly, you are seriously missing out on a little piece of heaven. Picture a slushie with pickles, koolaid powder and whatever else you want on it…


La Spicy Gringa Blog

La Spicy Gringa Blog

This was HILARIOUS y’all! One of my family members (not dropping his name so I can save him some face LOL) wanted to go muddin’ so bad and decided to take a whirl at the little lagoon.

Lagoon – 1 | Truck – 0


La Spicy Gringa Blog

Bry obviously LOVES selfies…

La Spicy Gringa Blog

This pic is going up in the house becasue it’s so dang precious – love my little family!


Watermelons are a road trip necessity *insert praise hands*

La Spicy Gringa Blog


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