Happy One Year Anniversary to Our Home & Proposal

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August 4th, 2018 marked one year since Bryan popped THE question and we closed on our house. I seriously can’t believe that it’s been a whole year! That day feels like yesterday, but yet there has been so much that happened in the first year. We got engaged. We moved into the house. We planted a new tree (and are currently struggling with keeping that tree alive). We got MARRIED. we went to Cancun. We got a puppy. Those are the big ones, and I can’t even begin to list out the little achievements we’ve made.

Proposal Diary

August 4th, 2017 was one for the books and one of the best days of my life. I woke up that day in my little apartment ready to close on our sweet, little brick house. My day started with puppy cuddles from Grayson, a morning chat with my mom and coffee (of course). I remember getting ready in my athleisure outfit that I bought specifically for the big day (I’ll take any excuse to go shopping) and just being so dang excited for moving day!

Bryan was already running around doing errands by the time I left to meet him at the house for a last walk through before signing everything. When I got to the house Bryan’s dad, our realtor and Bryan were all there. They asked what I thought and I immediately said that I loved it (dust bunnies and all). From there we all went to close on the house. Of course, there was a small hiccup in paperwork so we ended up having to come back later in the day to “officially” close. In the meantime, it was time to go shopping for some new living room furniture since our apartment furniture was absolutely terrible.

Shopping for furniture was fun/exciting/slightly stressful, but I ended up finding the set I wanted at Star Furniture. Bryan and I went back to the finish closing and while we were waiting Bryan was super stressed out. Like, I thought this man was about to have a heart attack because of the amount of pacing he was doing. Well, thankfully the paperwork finally got straightened out and WE WERE OFFICIALLY HOME OWNERS! Once we left, we rushed back to our apartment to get ready for a “celebratory dinner” that Bryan had planned.

What he had actually planned was so much more than that…

I had on some sassy red heels and a black dress and Bryan looked as good as ever. We were driving back to our new home and just giddy the whole way. Laughing, joking, snapchatting – we probably looked crazy honestly. Bryan wanted to stop to get a bottle of champ to pop in our new living room before heading to dinner. Naturally, I thought this was a damn good plan! We stopped at TWO liquor stores and didn’t even end up getting a bottle. What I didn’t know was that Bryan was actually stalling so my brother could make it to the house before us. Looking back, I should’ve known this because we had a small bottle of champagne in the truck from the title company and seriously, who can’t find the right bottle of champ in a liquor store?!

We parked Bryan’s truck in the driveway, he opened the door and let me walk in. I put down my purse on our kitchen bar to free up my hands for poppin’ bottles and turned around to see Bryan standing by the fireplace. He asks me to come on over by him and before I know it he’s dropped down on one knee, I’m balling and saying YES!

Our siblings were there and popped out to say congrats & take pics. Afterwards, we all went to our engagement party (also a surprise to me) and had the best time!

Well, hun (if you’re reading this) – cheers to filling that same living room you proposed in with lots of new memories for years to come!

Moments like these are the ones that I most cherish

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La Spicy Gringa

La Spicy Gringa

La Spicy Gringa

La Spicy Gringa

La Spicy Gringa

La Spicy Gringa

La Spicy Gringa

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1 comments on “Happy One Year Anniversary to Our Home & Proposal”

  1. That was such an exciting weekend. Luv just luv being apart of surprises and seeing the happiness that over joyed you both. Your house, fur babies and you both are just beautiful inside and out and we luv you guys so much💖❤️😘


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