A TMI Recap of My Self-Waxing Experience & Tips for Other First-Timers

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La Spicy Gringa Blog

La Spicy Gringa Blog

Why Do I do The Things I Do?

Wow, y’all – sometimes I wonder why the heck I do the things I do. My most recent adventure (torture is a better word probably?) was self-waxing. One thing to know about me is that if there’s a way to save pennies, then I’m taking that way. Up until now I was spending at LEAST $50 per month on waxing… mainly because of my Brazilians. One Brazilian per month adds up to $600 per year, and that doesn’t even include tips or products! Once I figured that out, I was on the hunt for an alternative method without going natural (sorry to all my followers that prefer that – it just isn’t my lifestyle).

What I did next was what any good millennial would do – I got on Amazon to see what I could find! Going into this hunt, I knew I could start with looking for a Gigi was warmer because I’ve always seen them used on salons and my mom used to have one years ago. Well, the reviews on it were pretty dang good, so I went ahead and chose that (as you can see I’m kinda’ impulsive and impatient and didn’t do a ton of research). With that first order, I also got the popsicle sticks, strips and some Gigi honee soft wax that were suggested with the purchase.

So, that’s where I kinda’ went wrong and should’ve done waaaaay more reading because I would’ve learned that I need a few more things. Here are some tips for you and things I learned in case you plan on incorporating self-wax into your beauty routine!

Self-Waxing Tips

  • Make sure to give the hair enough time to all grow out! There’s nothing worse than waxing and having growth two days later because you didn’t wait on the stragglers!
  • Hard wax is best for Brazilians, and soft wax is good for arms, lip and eyebrows. This is so important. Don’t be me and try the Brazilian with soft wax or you’ll be super sore the next day.
  • Having something to REMOVE excess wax is very important. Don’t be me (again) or you’ll be stuck having a bath with coconut oil getting everything off. THANK YOU JESUS FOR COCONUT OIL’S SUPER POWERS!

***The second time I waxed I used the hard wax for my Brazilian and it worked 1,000 times better!***

  • Don’t do everything in one night! You’ll be tired and rushing by the end of it, which will just leave you with ingrown hairs and random patches that were missed.
  • Put wax pots on paper towels or else you’ll be scrubbing your countertop.
  • Remove all rugs or mats from under you while waxing. I can guarantee that you’ll drizzle a drop or two…
  • Get a fan and put it in the room with you because you’ll probably start sweating from all of this work you’re putting in!
  • Most importantly – make sure no one is home because the last thing you’ll want is for your husband/parent/boyfriend/sibling to walk in on you in a pretzel position trying to get a good view of where you’re waxing (TMI, but the honest truth). This is something I did right!

Materials List

(this is everything I have now that I’ve learned from the first time)

Gigi Wax Warmer $29.99

Gigi All Purpose Honee (Soft Wax) $13.95

Gigi Hard Wax $12.83

Gigi Collars $8.80

Gigi Epilating Trial Kit $8.88

Rayson Non Woven Waxing Strips $5.35

Rayson Wax Applicator Sticks $5.48

La Spicy Gringa Blog



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