Lesson On Thankfulness

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Hey, y’all. The last couple weeks have been insane and, honestly, I am so happy (& thankful) to be back in Texas with my husband and 2 sweet pups. If you follow me on insta, then you may know that my Grandpa passed a couple weeks ago and that I spent all last week in Saskatchewan, CA with family.

To be honest, I am feeling so thankful right now. Grief is an experience that has many faces and is different for every person and every passing. This time around it had a strange (yet so awesome) way of pulling family & friends together. I got to sit around a table & jibber jabber with people I haven’t seen in years (the wedding doesn’t count because I was blacked out from excitement 88% of the time). We were able to reconnect, remember the good times, make more memories and, most importantly, eat some much-needed Canadian cuisine (shout out to Timmie’s, Old Dutch chips & Smarties!). I may or may not have gained like 10 pounds, but who cares.

I suppose my point for today is to just be thankful for the people around you and SHOW YOUR THANKFULNESS. That can look a million different ways – sending a quick text to check-in, calling on a Sunday afternoon to catchup, posting a throwback pic on Facebook or even a birthday card (I know you love getting some good ol’ physical mail!). If you have more ideas or fun things you do, please send them my way!! I’m always looking for more ways to make connections despite the fast-paced life/packed schedule/distance from loved ones.

PS – if you’re ever in Saskatchewan, be prepared to see tons of beautiful farmland. If you’re there in the winter, get ready for snow… and lots of it.

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Jacket (all similar): Levi’sH&M, Levi’s, H&M, Gap

Dress: GapLast Call, Forever 21

Booties: Naughty Monkey at DSW

La Spicy Gringa Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


La Spicy Gringa Fashion & Lifestyle Blog




La Spicy Gringa Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


La Spicy Gringa Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

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