Bronzed & Shinin’ – My Go-To Highlighter and Bronzer

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It’s Friday, and for once in my life I feel like a normal human being because I’m off for the weekeeeend! Shout out to all my retail people out there socializin’, hustlin’ and somehow stayin’ fit on a retail schedule. And if you don’t work in retail, but have friends that do, show them a little love because the retail life isn’t always easy.

*rant over*

There aren’t many products that I can’t live without, but what I’m about to share are my favorite bronzer and highlighter that I use RELIGIOUSLY.

First up – Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer

You should probably know that I’m a bronzer addict. I feel naked without it… washed out if you will. When I put it on I feel like I can take over the world (okay, maybe just the day). Too Faced Sun Bunny has been in my life for about 3 years or so and I love it. It’s a darker bronzer, so if you have fair skin I would try Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer in Milk Chocolate. Personally, I have light/medium skin with olive undertones so this one can look natural on me… although I lean towards beating my face until I achieve a “I just laid by the pool for 7 hours and got my face perfectly tanned” look.

I 10/10 recommend this product if you want to add some bronzer that doesn’t make you orange and has just the right amount of radiance to your makeup regimen.

Second up – Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight

I came across this one unexpectedly when it was a free gift with my purchase at Sephora. I love it because the stick lasts forever, it’s at a whopping price of $23 and stays on all day. Another thing I love about it that it blends easily with blushes and bronzers!

Alright, bronzer addicts and highlight queens, go take over the day.


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