Bandana Obsession + Where to Find Them

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How To Wear Bandanas

I recently bought a few bandanas, and I am OBSESSED. They’re seriously the perfect accessory for hair and can be worn in some many ways. I only have 2 (right now at least), but fully intend on buying more asap. Here are the three ways that I’ve worn mine so far…

  1. AROUND THE PONY: what a simple way to spice up a plain, Jane ponytail! This was a little tricky to get figured, but once I got it, I fell in love! All you need to do for this one is fold the bandana corner to corner so that it’s a triangle, wrap the center point around the middle loosely (this is done to hide that point) and lastly just wrap it once around your pony!How To Wear BandanasHow To Wear Bandanas
  2. WESTERN: fold the bandana in half and tie around your neck with the folded point in front – so easy!
  3. OUI, OUI: fold the bandana in half, roll it up and double knot in front!

How To Wear Bandanas

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