Weekend in Hill Country + Fave Dress for Any Event

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Last weekend I got to un(wine)d and get some seriously needed R&R. My sweet husband had to open his new restaurant and couldn’t join me, so I made the 2.5 hour drive to the most blessed land in Texas – Hill Country. 

Much of Friday night was spent driving and once I got there we all just visited for a bit since it was already kinda late. I got to finally sleep in (that’s till about 8am for me) Saturday, which is so rare these days with my internship, Sandy, work, fitness and anything else that life has up her sleeve. Once everybody got going we decided to go take a lil’ 1.5 hour float on the river. Well, there hasn’t been much rain around there so that float just about doubled because we were moving so dang slow.

Saturday night we went to the summer party at my sister-in-law’s in-law’s house (hopefully that makes sense). They had a keg, appetizers, margaritas, barbeque, sangrias, a live band, wine… heck, THEY HAD IT ALL! The best part were the games set up, which I spent a good part of the evening losing in.

Y’all I have GOT to brag on this dress that I was wearing. Right now it’s seriously my favorite, and if I didn’t already overdo my shopping then I would probably buy it in every color. Heck, I might get one more anyways! It’s super comfortable (no, seriously a bra isn’t even required with it), flowy and has pretty embroidered flowers all over it. I get compliments every time I wear it and find that i can wear it to so many functions. Link to buy is below!


Now I’m home, and even though it was an awesome weekend, I’m so happy to be back in my home with my two pups and sweets hubs. Cheers to having a great weekend!


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