Started in My Heart, Now We Here

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I can’t believe that La Spicy Gringa is finally here! Writing/blogging/gettin’ creative have been weighing on my mind heavily for the last year or so, & I am so excited to finally take the step (it actually feels more like a leap… off of a cliff… into a black hole… oblivious to what the future holds) towards expression.

“So, why the heck should I follow?” 

Glad you asked! Well, my dogs thinks I’m pretty great so that’s one reason, but here are a few more:

  1. Fashion is everything & I like to think that I have a unique (my motto: leopard is a neutral) sense of the topic
  2. Creativity will be fostered in a joyful, candid & bold way – in other words posts will always be SPICYYYYYY
  3. Who doesn’t need more inspiration in their lives??

If you want to dive deeper, here is the less condensed version of my bullet points and why I chose to blog…

Two years ago I took a completely separate leap of faith and quit my cozy office job with a well-known Houston non-profit to pursue a Master of Social Work and work part-ish time in retail. Well, I ended up getting hired as full-time and joined the management team within a year. I’ve learned a lot working in retail, but I think the hands-down most important thing that I have learned is how much I freakin’ love fashion and expressing myself through the pieces I wear.

That brings us here. I hope with every ounce of me that you enjoy what you see, but I can’t promise that it’ll be perfect (but what/who is?! Besides Jesus of course). What I can promise you is that La Spicy Gringa will always be candid+bold+audacious+unapologetic+relevant… spicy.

Now cheers to you for visiting and shots for me because I’m nervous/excited/feeling all the feels.



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